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* [devel] I: gcc 11.2.1  && binutils 2.37
@ 2021-09-21 21:45 Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy
  2021-09-23  8:17 ` Michael Shigorin
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From: Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy @ 2021-09-21 21:45 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: ALT Linux Team development discussions


В Сизиф отправились gcc 11.2.1 и binutils 2.37.


Пакеты, которые сломаются:

Из-за binutils:

eppic	vt @everybody
koules	mike @everybody
libvamp	cas @everybody
magicpoint	rider @everybody
nx-libs	pv @everybody
rx-etersoft	lav pv kondratyuk
Xaw95	ruslandh @qa
	* The ar tool's previously unused l modifier is now used for specifying
	  dependencies of a static library. The arguments of this option
	  (or --record-libdeps long form option) will be stored verbatim in the
	  __.LIBDEP member of the archive, which the linker may read at link time.

make-initrd-bootloader	legion
	Thanks to a recent binutils change which doesn't generate unused
	symbols, it's now possible for thunk_64.o be completely empty without
	CONFIG_PREEMPTION: no text, no data, no symbols.

seabios	shaba @everybody
gfxboot	rider zerg
	* Configure with --enable-x86-used-note by default for Linux/x86.

Из-за gcc:

AlephOne	azol @everybody
aiksaurus	lav @qa @everybody
asc	oddity @qa @everybody
avarice	majioa @everybody
babel	sin @python @qa @everybody
berusky	grenka
bonnie++	mike @qa
codeblocks	grenka
convert3d	darktemplar @everybody
cryptote	naf
cuneiform	george rider
dansguardian	rider @everybody
din	george @everybody
duel3	underwit @everybody
fakenes	oddity @qa @everybody
farmhash	rider @everybody
fbpager	ender @everybody
ferrisloki	darktemplar @everybody
flatzebra	viy @everybody
fs-uae	george @everybody
gle	viy @everybody
gnome-chemistry-utils	aris
gnome-quod	darktemplar @everybody
gostcrypt	cas @everybody
gsmlib	antohami @everybody
hammerhead	naf
htmlcxx	viy @everybody
imule	darktemplar @everybody
incron	rider @everybody
itk-snap	darktemplar @everybody
itpp	antohami @everybody
java-1.8.0-openjdk	cas viy @everybody
jigdo	george @everybody
kasumi	oddity @everybody
libbobpp	lav @qa @everybody
libcnc	lav @everybody
libcpptest	lav @qa
libcxxtools	sbolshakov @everybody
liblasi	mike @qa
liblog4cpp	taf @everybody
libmnetutil	viy @everybody
libmusicbrainz	darktemplar @everybody
libpqxx	viy @everybody
libprojectM	drool
libraul	pav @everybody
libuniset2	pv @everybody
libvarconf	viy @everybody
mbrola	viy msp @everybody
nut	mike @everybody
ogmtools	rider @everybody
opendbx	boyarsh @everybody
opendx	darktemplar @everybody
pekwm	george @everybody
qca-qt5	zerg
rbdoom3bfg	arbars @everybody
refal-plus	george @everybody
rxvt-unicode	legion @cpan
scourge	darktemplar @everybody
stargazer	drool @qa @everybody
ufoai	darktemplar @everybody
v4l-utils	sbolshakov rider @everybody
xsd	viy @everybody
	The default mode for C++ is now -std=gnu++17 instead of -std=gnu++14.

GTS	darktemplar @everybody
aMule	oddity @everybody
android-tools	zorg @everybody
aqualung	george @qa
citra	nenderus @everybody
cppcheck	ruslandh @everybody
freecad	cas @everybody
gdal	boyarsh @qa @everybody
gdcm	viy @everybody
herbstluftwm	@nobody
ice	lav @everybody
karbowanecwallet	drool @everybody
libcaf	lav @everybody
libebml	ender @everybody
liborcus	george @everybody
librlottie	lav @everybody
libvxl	ptrnine @everybody
libwt	pv @everybody
minetest	cas @everybody
mongo	@nobody
opencascade	cas @everybody
panzerchasm	arbars @everybody
praat	mike @qa
slicer	darktemplar @everybody
solvespace	cas lineprinter @everybody
springrts	darktemplar @everybody
uhd	antohami @everybody
vtk	darktemplar @everybody
webcamoid	lav @everybody
xapian-core	mike lav darktemplar @qa
	Some C++ Standard Library headers have been changed to no longer include
	other headers that they do need to depend on. As such, C++ programs that
	used standard library components without including the right headers
	will no longer compile.
	The following headers are used less widely in libstdc++ and may need to
	be included explicitly when compiled with GCC 11:
	    <limits> (for std::numeric_limits)
	    <memory> (for std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr etc.)
	    <utility> (for std::pair, std::tuple_size, std::index_sequence etc.)
	    <thread> (for members of namespace std::this_thread.)

Ri-li	@nobody
antimicro	mike @everybody
assimp	viy @everybody
bloboats	george @everybody
chuck	oddity @everybody
fluxbox	@nobody
gpsbabel	darktemplar @everybody
hashdeep	mike @everybody
holotz-castle	george @qa
java-9-openjdk	viy @jvm @everybody
libmimetic	lvol @everybody
libnewmat	@nobody
libtlsh	ptrnine @everybody
manaworld	viy @everybody
moto4lin	@mobile @qa
nted	lav @qa @everybody
qamix	@nobody
qpxtool	mike @everybody
qt4	zerg
slim	@nobody
swftools	mike @everybody
vdr	sbolshakov @everybody
xlogical	george @everybody
	GCC 11 now issues a diagnostic for ordered comparisons of pointers
	against constant integers. Commonly this is an ordered comparison
	against NULL or 0. These should be equality comparisons, not ordered

7-zip	george @everybody
fwbuilder	shaba @everybody
lib7zip	lav @everybody
libkqueue	darktemplar @everybody
libv8-3.14	antohami @everybody
procps	sem ldv @qa
upx	george @qa
vzstat	@nobody
	c-family: Macro support in -Wmisleading-indentation [PR80076]

briquolo	grenka
marsshooter	arbars @everybody
octave-geometry	manowar viy @everybody
ogre	george @everybody
s3fs	grenka
snes9x	nenderus @everybody
	GCC 11 now enforces that comparison objects be invocable as const.

crtools-ovz	andy @everybody
faketime	ldv @norebuild
mbedtls13	nenderus @everybody
stlink	week @everybody
	Enhanced -Wstringop-overflow warning.

NetworkManager	sem
dxx-rebirth	george @everybody
gnucash	cas @everybody
opensc	dd stanv timonbl4 @qa @everybody
	Enhanced -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning.

kde5-smplayer	zerg
liboqs	vt @everybody
libvzctl	shaba @everybody
	New warning -Warray-parameter, enabled by -Wall, warns about
	redeclarations of functions with ordinary array arguments declared using
	inconsistent forms. The warning also enables the detection of the likely out of
	bounds accesses in calls to such functions with smaller arrays. 

cpuminer-multi	drool @everybody
john-jumbo	george @everybody
xonotic	darktemplar @everybody
	stor-layout: Reject forming arrays with elt sizes not divisible by elt
	alignment [PR97164] (

libgstreamermm1.0	aris
lordsawar	darktemplar @everybody
subtitleeditor	aris
	c-family: check qualifiers of arguments to __atomic built-ins (PR 95378)

qt-creator	cas @everybody
zig	vt @everybody
	"The bytecode files are versioned and there is a strict version
	check, so bytecode files generated in one version of GCC do not
	work with an older or newer version of GCC." -- gcc(1)
	(Очевидно, llvm 12 не был пересобран после внедрения LTO.)

pcb2gcode	antohami @everybody
pfstools	rider @everybody
	G++, starting with G++ 7, implements C++17 P0522R0
	Matching of template template-arguments excludes compatible templates.
	As a consequence, the following test is now rejected:
	    template <int N, int M = N> class A;
	    template <int N, int M> void fn(A<N, M> &) {}
	    template <int N, template <int> class TT> void fn(TT<N> &);
	    template void fn(A<3> &);
	because A is now considered a valid argument for TT, so both function
	templates are valid candidates, and neither is more specialized than the
	other, so it's ambiguous.
	The new behavior can be disabled independently of other C++17 features
	with -fno-new-ttp-matching.

attract	arbars @everybody
	c++: private inheritance access diagnostics fix [PR17314]

ring-project	zerg @everybody
	libstdc++: Adjust static assertions in futures and promises [LWG 3466]

xrootd	arei @everybody
	New warning -Wsizeof-array-div, enabled by -Wall, warns about divisions
	of two sizeof operators when the first one is applied to an array and
	the divisor does not equal the size of the array element. 

clickhouse	rider darktemplar
	x86: Add missing intrinsics [PR95483]

x16-emulator	arbars @everybody
	Enhanced -Wformat-overflow warning.

xfs	george @everybody
	Enhanced -Warray-bounds warning.

libtasn1	sem ldv
	Improved Static Analyzer (-fanalyzer).

ruby	@ruby @everybody


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2021-09-21 21:45 [devel] I: gcc 11.2.1 && binutils 2.37 Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy
2021-09-23  8:17 ` Michael Shigorin
2021-09-23  8:37   ` [devel] NM: Проприетарные форки aka sisyphus_e2k (Was: I: gcc 11.2.1 && binutils 2.37) Vladimir D. Seleznev
2021-09-23  9:20     ` [devel] Не проприетарные, а суверенные / Apple M1 " Alexey Tourbin
2021-09-27 10:46   ` [devel] sisyphus_e2k vs GPL Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-27 10:57     ` Michael Shigorin
2021-09-27 11:00       ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-27 11:19           ` Dmitry V. Levin
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2021-09-27 11:50         ` Michael Shigorin
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2021-09-27 11:58             ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-27 12:04               ` Anton V. Boyarshinov
2021-09-27 12:35                 ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-27 17:07                   ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-27 21:22                     ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-27 22:47                       ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-27 23:13                         ` Alexey Gladkov
2021-09-28  5:34                           ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-27 23:21                           ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-28  8:29                             ` Alexey V. Vissarionov
2021-09-28 10:22                               ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-28  8:11                         ` Alexey V. Vissarionov
2021-09-27 21:26                 ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-27 12:35             ` [devel] [OT] FARA (was: sisyphus_e2k vs GPL) Michael Shigorin
2021-09-27 12:42               ` Anton V. Boyarshinov
2021-09-27 12:34       ` [devel] sisyphus_e2k vs GPL Leonid Krivoshein
2021-09-23 17:33 ` [devel] I: gcc 11.2.1 && binutils 2.37 arbars
2021-09-24  3:32 ` Илья Курдюков
2021-09-24  5:48   ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-24  6:30     ` Илья Курдюков
2021-09-24  9:05       ` Konstantin Lepikhov
2021-09-24 12:06         ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-24 15:34           ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-24 15:41             ` Илья Курдюков
2021-09-24 16:10               ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-24 19:13                 ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-24 20:35                   ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-24 17:15             ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-24 15:27       ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-24 15:18     ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-24 15:19       ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-24 17:04       ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-24 18:29         ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-24 19:48           ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-24 20:20             ` Dmitry V. Levin
2021-09-24 20:47               ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-24 21:06                 ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-24 22:19                   ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-25  8:04                     ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-25 11:21                       ` Andrey Savchenko
2021-09-25  8:35           ` Anton Farygin
2021-09-24 12:13   ` Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy

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