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* [kbd] [ANNOUNCE] kbd-2.3.0
@ 2020-07-10 18:18 Alexey Gladkov
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kbd 2.3.0 Release Notes

The kbd-2.3.0 is available at


- New:
  + Added libkfont library (internal yet).
- Keymaps:
  + Added Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard map.
  + Added us1 that maps Right Alt to AltGr and Shift+Tab to Alt+Tab.
  + The dead_macron is used instead of macron in
- Utilities:
  + Added retries when switching to the console (chvt, openvt).
  + Added option -d to double size of font (setfont).
  + Added long options, help messages.
- Fonts:
  + Added solar24x32 font.
  + Updated eurlatgr font.
- Docs:
  + Fixed problems with formatting man pages.

Git repository


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Alex Gladkov (4):
      Use __attribute__ if __GNUC__ is defined
      Fix build warining: expected 'char **' but argument is of type 'const char **'
      Limit the size of PIO_UNISCRNMAP argument to E_TABSZ
      Use autoconf variables

Alexander Kanavin (1):
      analyze.l: add missing string format

Alexey Gladkov (74):
      libkbdfile: Do not stop on the first error
      libkbdfile: Check compression suffix even if the suffix is part of filename
      Add newline for error message without errno
      Use autotest
      Add e2e tests for some utilities
      libkeymap: Fix the compatibility with the busybox's loadkmap
      chvt: Add deadline to change virtual terminal
      chvt: Fix build with musl
      Fix more warnings from -Wdiscarded-qualifiers
      Add --enable-werror to turn some warnings into errors
      Travis: add arm64, ppc64le, s390x arches
      libtswrap: fix -Wsign-conversion
      Revert "chvt: Add deadline to change virtual terminal"
      Add retries when switching to the console
      libkeymap: Fix mk_mapname for the plain map
      Add dead_macron
      Update eurlatgr font
      Update eurlatgr font
      Move addpair and addseq to separate source
      Add kfont_context
      Make readpsffont() always return a code
      Make writepsffont() always return a code
      Make loadnewmap() always return a code
      Make saveoldmap() always return a code
      Make saveunicodemap() always return a code
      Make loadunicodemap() always return a code
      Make appendunicodemap() always return a code
      Drop redefinition of MAXFONTSIZE
      Functions saveoldfont, saveoldfontplusunicodemap, do_saveoldfont always return a code
      Function do_loadfont always return a code
      Functions loadnewfonts, loadnewfont, do_loadtable always return a code
      Add "kfont_" prefix
      Add verbose field into kfont_context
      Function readnewmapfromfile should close the mapfile before return
      Function saveoldmap should close the mapfile before return
      Drop memory helpers
      Move font locations to kfont_context
      loadunicodemap: Do not use global variables
      Add overflow check when parsing a unsigned short
      Add options for kfont
      Move kernel font related functions to separate library
      Add kfont_ prefix to all external functions
      Split external and internal kfont functions
      Add to kfont function to manipulate unicode tables
      Check overflow in unicode parser
      kfont: Drop obsolete header
      Make kfont logging functions private
      Make kfont_context private
      showconsolefont: Fix -Wsign-conversion warnings
      setkeycodes: Fix -Wsign-conversion, -Wconversion warnings
      setlogcons: Add more checks for argument
      getunimap: Use system wctomb by default
      Fix -Wconversion wanings
      kfont: Move into a separate function the part responsible for reading the font
      kfont: Add copyright information
      Replace kfont_saveoldfont and kfont_saveoldfontplusunicodemap by kfont_save_font
      Rename kfont functions for better readability
      Split different methods of getting a font into different functions
      Split different methods of loading a font into different functions
      Add long options, help messages
      Refactor setleds utility
      Fix problems with formatting man pages
      Improve and unify error some messages
      Update po
      Fix kbd_mode output
      Upgrade gettext infrastructure
      Remove autogenerated files
      tests: Verify that dumpkeys generates a loadable keymap
      Fix problems with formatting man pages
      man: Update title line
      po: Update translations (from
      Add us1 that maps Right Alt to AltGr and Shift+Tab to Alt+Tab

Anthony Perkins (1):
      Add Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard map

Aristo Grenelle (1):
      Add solar24x32 font

Ben Pfaff (1):
      setfont: Add option -d to double size of font.

Bjarni Ingi Gislason (5):
      docs/man/man5: Fix warnings from "groff"
      docs/man/man1misc: Fix a warning from "groff" and spaces
      docs/man/man1: Fix warnings from "groff" and some other formatting
      docs/man/man8: Fix a warning from "groff", fonts and a trailing space
      kbd/docs/man/man8misc: Fix some extra space and formatting

Lars Wendler (1): respect user CFLAGS

Marko Myllynen (4):
      Update eurlatgr consolefont
      eurlatgr: remapping for capital sharp s use NNBSP instead of NBSP, add U+1E9E use dead_macron instead of macron

Oleg Bulatov (6):
      Fix warnings from -Wincompatible-pointer-types
      Fix warnings from -Wdiscarded-qualifiers
      Avoid implicit promotion from unsigned char to signed int
      Update readpsffont signature
      Fix warnings
      Fix warnings in setleds

Rafael Fontenelle (1):
      dumpkeys: avoid translating empty string

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
      Fix typo: prorgam -> program

Rgrds, legion

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2020-07-10 18:18 [kbd] [ANNOUNCE] kbd-2.3.0 Alexey Gladkov

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