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From: "Dmitry V. Levin" <>
To: ALT Devel discussion list <>
Subject: [devel]  I: BR += rpm-build-python3
Date: Mon, 3 May 2021 17:43:32 +0300
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

On Sun, May 02, 2021 at 01:29:28AM +0300, Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
> On Sat, May 01, 2021 at 09:48:35PM +0000, Girar awaiter (vt) wrote:
> >
> [...]
> > [x86_64] /usr/lib/rpm/python3.prov: ERROR: rpm-build-python3 is not installed, the following files cannot be processed: /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/bin/execltp /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/ /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/ /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/ /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/bin/ /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/data/file01/ /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/realtime/func/pi-tests/ /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/realtime/func/pi-tests/ /usr/src/tmp/ltp-buildroot/usr/lib/ltp/testcases/realtime/scripts/ 
> > [x86_64] find-provides: ERROR: /usr/lib/rpm/python3.prov failed
> Если вы видите подобную диагностику, значит, скорее всего,
> в сборочных зависимостях пакета не хватает rpm-build-python3.
> Альтернативные, менее вероятные причины:
> - упакованы файлы, которые не следовало паковать;
> - файлы являются примерами, по которым не надо вычислять зависимости.

Тестовая пересборка выявила около сотни таких пакетов, 94 из которых
ещё не исправлены:

$ grep -Fl 'ERROR: rpm-build-python3 is not installed, the following files cannot be processed' * |\
  sort |\
  join - <(cut -f-2 ALT/Sisyphus/files/list/src.list |tr '\t' - |sort) |\
  sed -E 's/(-[^-]+){2}$//' |\
  sort |\
  join -t $'\t' - ALT/acl/list.packages.sisyphus |\
  column -t -s $'\t'
a2jmidid                          iv @everybody
alterator-secsetup                underwit @everybody
altsp-test-progs                  boyarsh @everybody
apt-blacklist                     evg @everybody
apt-printchanges                  evg @everybody
asterisk                          sbolshakov @everybody
atop                              led mike evg @qa
bashdb                            lav legion @qa
bcache-tools                      evg @everybody
blockcheck                        evg @everybody
bookworm                          neurofreak @everybody
btfs                              lav @everybody
btier                             led @everybody
calcurse                          oddity @everybody
cifs-utils                        sin @everybody
claws-mail                        sem @qa @cpan
cloud-utils                       shaba @everybody
codeblocks                        grenka
compton                           akv @everybody
connector                         ekorneechev
control++                         alexey
cve-manager                       alexey
cve-manager-inner-knowledge       alexey nbr imz
ddgr                              lav @everybody
deepin-default-settings           lvol @everybody
dex                               ildar @everybody
distribution                      evg @everybody
dtkcore                           lvol @everybody
dwarves                           vt @everybody
encled                            evg @everybody
environment-modules               viy @everybody
fatrace                           snejok @everybody
firejail                          darktemplar @everybody
fmio                              grenka @everybody
fvwm                              slazav vsu
fwupd                             rider nickel
getssl                            vt @everybody
gettext                           @core
global                            lav @qa
golang-deepin-go-x11-client       lvol @everybody
golang-github-burntsushi-xgbutil  lvol @everybody
googler                           obirvalger @everybody
iapetal                           oddity @everybody
ice-ssb                           @python @everybody
jack-audio-connection-kit         antohami @everybody
kiwix-lib                         cas @everybody
korinf                            lav @qa
laptop-mode-tools                 cas @everybody
libpsl                            sem @everybody
libreoffice-languagetool          cas @everybody
lightdm-settings                  cow @everybody
lizardfs                          andy @everybody
llvm10.0                          shrek @everybody
lxd                               dans shaba @everybody
macrofusion                       grenka
mate-file-manager-dropbox         boyarsh viy @everybody
mathomatic                        george @qa
mediawiki                         prividen lav
mergerfs-tools                    lav @everybody
mintlocale                        cow @everybody
mk-files                          lav @qa @everybody
modem-manager-gui                 cas @everybody
mpdris2                           ildar @everybody
nautilus-dropbox                  @nobody
nemo                              cow @everybody
netatalk                          mike @everybody
nfs                               sbolshakov
nim-lang                          george @everybody
octave-geometry                   manowar viy @everybody
papi                              lav @everybody
plasma5-desktop                   zerg mcpain
plasma5-kwin                      zerg
recoverjpeg                       mike @everybody
rlwrap                            oddity george
rpm-build-nodejs                  viy lav
rpmdevtools                       viy @python @everybody
sdcc                              darktemplar @everybody
seahorse-adventures               viy @everybody
ski                               george @qa
skrooge                           cas @everybody
slick-greeter                     cow @everybody
smem                              mike lav @qa @everybody
speedtest-cli                     lakostis @everybody
steam                             nenderus
thinksaber                        mike @qa
vztt                              shaba @everybody
waybar                            legion @everybody
withlock                          aas @everybody
xfce4-screensaver                 sem @xfce @qa
xfce4-settings                    sem @qa
yandex-browser-updater            amakeenk @everybody
zabbix-in-telegram                evg @everybody
zabbix_tool                       evg @everybody
zchunk                            viy @everybody


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